Organic Bamboo Cotton Buds x 100

Organic Bamboo Cotton Buds x 100

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These cotton buds are the next level alternative to plastic swabs; they are made with organic and biodegradable bamboo sticks and organic cotton end!
Start your zero-waste path with this small change that will avoid creating tons of plastic waste.  

Hydrophil is also a fair trade, water neutral company.


  • Bamboo is not actually wood, it's a form of sweet grass!
  • Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth.
  • The record for the highest bamboo plant is held by a 48-meter-high bamboo plant in China.
  • Bamboo can absorb up to 30% more CO2 than plants and trees.
  • No pesticides or fertilizers are necessary to grow bamboo.
  • Bamboo is good at preventing soil erosion.


  • Organic Cotton and Bamboo
  • Great alternative to plastic buds
  • Biodegradable
  • 100% Plastic Free
  • 100 Pieces per pack
  • Packaged in recycled cardboard