Unpaper Towels 5 pack - Tabitha Eve

Unpaper Towels 5 pack - Tabitha Eve

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These unpaper towels are a great replacement for single use kitchen roll. The "birdseye" weave of this cotton makes these towels super absorbent and excellent for wiping down surfaces. They won't just smear muck around.

Not only do they feel soft and work great, they look so stylish in your kitchen too.

Environmentally friendly, plastic free, biodegradable. 

Also Ideal for taking with your packed lunch, picnics or for using at the dinner table, these cotton non-paper towels make stylish napkins that are not only reusable but long lasting too.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Plastic Free
  • Biodegradable 
  • Zero Waste

How to care for them....

Wash on cool and hang to dry. Its normal for the fabric to drink by 15% upon first wash.

When you think your unpaper towels have come to the end of their life, just cut up into scraps and put into the compost bin.